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We have three events currently accepting registrations:

Learn to Make an Orienteering Map

Check out our miniature mapping project at the San Juan Overlook. Follow along and see if you can replicate our step-by-step process to make your own orienteering map!

Current status: We completed the map and held an informal club training session on October 23, 2021. The tutorial is about half written, but we should have more installments later in 2022.

The John Cappis 2021 Results

Results for the 2021 version of the run are now linked here.

Thanks to all the runners for surviving the many storms this year! Four of you bailed off the middle of the course and I'm certain that was the right decision for the conditions you were personally facing.

Special thanks to all the volunteers this year: Sharon Kuhn, Rex Winterbottom, Jouelle LaForme, and Allie LaForme. In addition, a lot of crew and dropped runners effectively became extra volunteers during the run.

We have a new course record by Luke Gangi-Wellman, whose time of 13:51 shaved 19 minutes off of Christof Teuscher's previous mark. Not bad for your first ever running event on what was arguably a slightly slower course!

For next year's event, we'll probably not set a date until we get a feel for how the winter is progressing. So in February or so, we'll probably announce a June or July date. And we'll possibly tweak the course a bit more, maybe give some of you that haven't seen Bear and Sultan yet a chance to do so.

It's most likely that our future free events, including Cappis, will require club membership to help cover insurance and stuff. This should be a fairly small cost, around $15-$18 per household per year. For that, you can enter any number of our free events (including the Sneffels Round), and receive a discount on fee-based events.

For those of you interested in the Sneffels Round on August 21, stay tuned for an update later this week.

P.S.: The reason you can't find the 2021 results on Ultrasignup is because they no longer allow us to load results for events with less than 10 finishers.