Sky Pilots

Endurance Navigators

Lost One Standing

Where and When

Ouray, Colorado, with a mass start from site 20 in the Amphitheater campground at 9 am, Saturday June 5, 2021 (date tentative). Map handout starts at 7 am. Register at UltraSignup.


An orienteering version of a Backyard Ultra. At the top of each hour, start a new orienteering circuit. If you complete it in under an hour, you get to try another one. Continue until there is only one person left! To claim the win, that person must complete one more circuit than anyone else. The event then ends.

You can register as an individual, or as part of a team of 2-5 people that stay together

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is a competition based on land navigation using a map and compass. We have produced a competition map specifically for this event, which will be printed in six colors at 1:10000 scale with 10 meter contours. It will be provided to participants two hours before the start. During the event, participants may not use any maps other than the competition map. The use of GPS is also banned. From a safety standpoint, carrying a phone or other device capable of GPS is a good idea, but to conform to the rules of this event, you must ensure that it is not providing you with information during competition.

What is a Circuit?

A circuit consists of departing from HQ, finding certain control points as described below, and returning to HQ. A circuit asks you to find either:

When you locate a major or minor control point, you will discover an orange-and-white control flag shaped like a triangular prism about a foot across. The control flag will usually be placed somewhere between one and four feet off the ground. Once you locate the control flag, find the mechanical punch attached to it and use the punch to mark the control card that you will turn in at the conclusion of the circuit.

Circuit Rating System

We're planning about thirty different circuits and, shortly before the event, will publish some of their statistics to help you plan your strategy.

Consolation Division

If the allotted hour passes and you aren't back yet, or if you return in time but without completing your circuit, you are eliminated from the main event, i.e., the last person standing format. However, as long as there is someone still in the main event, you are welcome to continue in the "consolation" division. Here's how that works:

For example, let's say that you succeed on your first 7 circuits, but get back to HQ five minutes late on your 8th circuit. Your final score in the main event is now fixed at 7. For the moment, your consolation score is 7 out of 8 (and if you withdraw now, that's how it will end). But you don't want to quit yet. You've already missed the start for the 9th hour, so you stay in camp for another 55 minutes (and while waiting, your consolation score slips to 7 out of 9). At the top of the 10th hour, assuming there is still someone left in the main event, you can start a new circuit. If you complete that circuit on time, your consolation score increases to 8 out of 10. If you fail, it slips to 7 out of 10. You may continue in this manner as long as you like, provided that there is at least one competitor headed out for another circuit in the main event.