Sky Pilots

Endurance Navigators

San Juan Overlook

Where and When

Saturday, October 23, 2021 at Ridgway State Park north of Ridgway, Colorado, October 23, 2021. Come any time between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. The unsigned turnoff from US 550 to the dirt parking area is about 100 meters north of the main park entrance (the one signed "Dutch Charlie").


A no-cost, informal orienteering session for all skill levels. We'll teach beginners the basics of reading an orienteering map (takes about ten minutes). We'll have two beginner courses (white and yellow), an intermediate course (orange), and an all-points map for map trekkers. Record your own time and results.

Families and Kids

Families and kids are welcome! All chidren must have a responsible adult on-site. The adult is responsible for deciding whether a particular child should navigate a course solo, as part of group of kids, or accompanied by an adult. The white course is a bit over one mile and is entirely on trail with a control point at every junction. The yellow course is about two miles and ventures off-trail to a limited degree, but when it's off-trail, it generally follows an obvious linear feature like a fence or an abandoned road. The orange course is about three miles and involves considerable off-trail travel, often without the benefit of following a linear feature.

What to Bring

Please note that there are no restrooms onsite, so try to take care of any related needs before you arrive, or be prepared to use the woods in a responsible manner